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Doodle Challenge!

30 Day Doodle Challenge

With most of us stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, let’s take a few moments each day to be mindful and creative!

All you need …

– Pen/Pencil (feel free to add colour!)
– Use 1 Sheet of paper
– Your imagination

1) Write/doodle “April 2020”
2) Everyday draw the subject pertaining to that date, and even more if you want!
3) Share a daily pic of your doodle – there’s no right or wrong, just have fun with it!
4) End of month full page reveals

Lets get our doodle on!

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A New Hope …


Welcome to West London Games Club!

Board games are fun, they open a doorway back to our childhoods and pretending, and they also help us forge relationships with each other, learn, and even solve real world problems.  West London Games Club aims to bring the West London community together through board games.

We host three main types of events:

Community Meetups: Community collaborations with the board game industry and public services.

Regular Meetups: Welcome to all who are curious to experience the fun of board games, beginners are always welcome to learn and make new friends.

Member Meetups: Fun events for the frequent board gamer.

Follow Us: Meetup – Facebook – Twitter