Community Focus

West London Games Club is about bringing communities across West London together through board games. Many of our club’s events are in partnership with public services, such as local libraries, and also members of the board game industry with the same ethos.  To this end, West London Games Club runs these community events free of charge, our organisers and members volunteer their time and bring their board games along to share and enjoy with everyone.

Supporting Each Other

To support our community focus, we organise regular meetups that are supported by businesses in our communities; in exchange for regular attendance from members, we ask venues for a small discount and charge members a small fee for the meetups they attend.

Our Thanks

To show our appreciation to our frequent board game members, we have an annual membership scheme, which gives members access to discounted venues, early access and discounts to our seasonal events, and the occasional member only events.

Membership Fees

Email if you have any questions about Membership Fees.