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During the UK National Lockdown (https://westlondongamesclub.co.uk/covid19/), we encourage all members to meet safely online.  Here’s some of the forums we can enjoy until we return to meeting in person again!


To encourage more people to meet online, we are directing members to the Board Game Trade & Chat UK (BGT&CUK) Discord Server, BGT&CUK is a near 20,000 member Facebook group of board game enthusiasts, and the server is a great resource to meet people and play board games online!

Click to join the BGT&CUK Server!

It might also spare you getting spammed with notification if you change your notification settings to ‘only mentions’ as shown below.



Whilst we have a Steam Community, our primary group is on Discord.

Steam Community: Click to join the WLGC Steam Community

Steam is a major website for playing, discussing, and creating games, creating an account is free, and there’s a variety of paid and free resources available Steam Store.

Our members and community also use other platforms to meet and play games, these are all available on Windows, Apple, Android, Google Play, and Steam; we have Channels for each on Discord. Some worthy mentions are Tabletop Simulator, and Tabletopia.

Board Game Arena

WGLC Group on Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is straight forward to use, many games are free to play, whilst others require a premium account; during these busy times on the platform, priority access to the servers is given to premium account holders

All you need to know: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/651783/board-game-arena-every-thing-you-always-wanted-kno

FAQ: https://boardgamearena.com/faq

Support for yourself and others around you.

We all face challenges over the lockdowns, you are not alone.

We must all help each other, even the smallest gestures of can lift someone’s spirits immensely.  Here are some useful links to read and share to we can arm ourselves with better information, please do your best to avoid sharing inaccurate information.

A wide range of information on the pandemic and support that’s available to you can be found below

Word Health Organisation Information WHO Guidance

UK Government Information UK Government Advise on Coronavirus

NHS NHS Coronavirus Website

It’s important to exercise, follow a balanced diet, and take care of your mental well-being, especially if housebound.  We will all be spending much less time outdoors, so you may wish to consider vitamin supplements to avoid fatigue or other health issues, please seek medical advice if you are not feeling well.

Mental Health Advice Mind – helping through Coronavirus

Fitness ideas for the housebound Home fitness ideas from My Fitness Pal

Nutrition & Diet NHS Eat WellBritish Nutrition Foundation

Financial Support & Guidance Money Saving Expert Updates on Financial Support

Please feel free to share this, and suggest other ways to help each other.

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